Fight the spread of infectious diseases

Human-safe, 222nm UV-C light Continuous sanitation of occupied spaces Proven effective against SARS-CoV-2

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We provide sanitation devices that stand out from the crowd.

222 UVC Australia exclusively represents UV Medico products.

UV Medico is Europe's preeminent developer and manufacturer of the world's safest Far UVC sanitation lights.

    Our range of services include;

  • Full engineering assessment of application
  • Business case analysis and RoI modelling
  • Technical support
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Device setup and setting into service
  • Spare parts
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  • Safe 222 UVC



    The patented safety filter that is built into the 222UV light prevents leakage of all harmful wavelengths. Additionally incorporated smart sensors and controls ensures compliance with EU Safety Directive 2006/25/EC.

  • 222 UVC



    Backed by the works of outstanding scientists, engineers and medical professionals; 222 UV-C has been proven to inactivate the DNA of air borne and surface bound infectious pathogens within minutes.

  • Fully Responsive



    Far UV-C can be used in all indoor environments. Especially in occupied spaces where infection transmission is likely.

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Protecting hospitals, healthcare facilities, and businesses of all sizes from infectious diseases.

UV222 ™ leads the way in safety features

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