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Business Partnering

Rewards Program

222 UVC Australia offers a partnering program that rewards promotion of our products.

Who do we partner with?

We partner with businesses that have complimentary services or products. To be a partner, what you do needs to align with what we do.

Our products align with the following sectors and you may focus on one or many;

  • Fitness 
    • Gyms
    • Sports clubs 
  • Beauty
    • Hairdressers & barbers
    • Beauticians
    • Nail salons
    • Day spas
  • Hospitality
    • Cafes
    • Restaurants
    • Reception centres
    • Casinos
    • RSL's
  • Entertainment
    • Live music
    • Theatre
    • Comedy
  • Events
    • Exhibitions
    • Conferences
  • Commercial property
    • Offices
    • Co-working spaces
    • Waiting rooms
    • Supermarkets
    • Shopping centres
    • Retail outlets
    • Fast food outlets
  • Public transport
    • Ride share services
    • Taxis
    • Buses, trains, trams, ferries 
  • Education
    • Schools
    • Universities & TAFES
    • Training academies
  • Tourism
    • Hotels, motels
    • BnB, home share
    • Museums, galleries
    • Aquariums
  • Health
    • Hospitals
    • Dentists
    • Aged care 
    • Doctor's consulting suites
    • Medical imaging

How does it work?

We Keep It Super Simple!  Selected partners are provided with a special and unique link (URL) to our online store. You then simply share this link with your customers. Each time they use your link to purchase any of our products, a commission of AU$50/product will be paid to you. The buyer will also receive a 5% discount. 

This means you get paid for the sale and your customer receives 5% off their purchase.  And that's 5% off in addition to any other discounts that may already be in place.     

How do we pay partner commissions?

We pay directly into your nominated bank account. Our online store is built on the Shopify e-commerce platform and at the end of each month a commission report is generated for your unique URL.  We will email your this report and EFT the reported commission amount within 7 days of the month end. 

Commission amounts are paid inclusive of GST. 

Whilst we do not allow goods to be refunded for change of mind or purchase error reasons, if we do for whatever reason, the refund will be treated as a non-sale and the commission will be voided.

Partnership terms

We only partner with Australian businesses and sell goods for delivery to addresses in Australia. Our partnering program does not cover or pay commissions for good purchased for delivery to locations outside Australia.  For overseas sales, please send a request to

The duration of the partnership is 12 month. However it may be terminated by either party by way of providing written notification. 

Instant termination of the partnership and forfeiture of sales commissions will apply in the event that your business or its representatives do anything to harm to the brand or reputation of 222 UVC Australia or any of it's associates.

Getting Started

To get started email and we'll be in touch within one business day to get the ball rolling.