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How to prevent a collapse of our hospital system

Open letter to: 

  • Prime Minister Morrison
  • Premier Andrews
  • Premier Berejiklian

21 August 2021


The disappointment and anger we see in your face and amplified in your words are reflections of what all citizens are experiencing. Most of us are hurting in ways that politicians, bureaucrats and health officials have not endured and cannot imagine. This is the reason for the pleading we see each day during the press conferences.

Unfortunately, we see the fight against Covid being lost and we fear what's yet to come. Confidence in our leaders is shattered. We don't trust the health experts and faith in bureaucrats doing what's required has evaporated.

Understanding human behaviour and their emotional responses is essential to successful leadership. However, this essential skill is sorely missing particularly amongst our health sector leaders. This lack of understanding and disconnect from the general populous is the wedge that's widening the split in society.

Yet, the main reason for the current escalation in positive case numbers is more aligned to the fact that people feel betrayed. We placed our faith in elected officials to act in our best interest, which includes appointing competent bureaucrats and advisors. However, failures upon failures over the last 18 months has people suffering from the impact of lockdowns feeling deceived. This drives them to rescind they support and compliance and opting to take matters into their own hands.

Since Australians have endured the most stringent restrictions for so long, the promise of freedom once the 80% vaccinated level is achieved represents one the most dangerous periods for us. Especially as this level is expected to be achieved over the coming summer and festive season. Those vaccinated will not tolerate any further restrictions. Their view already is; We've paid our dues. We've taken the jab in good faith that governments will fulfill their promise. We've sacrificed and suffered losses. Therefore, we're not suffering fools any longer.

For these reason the rate of infections will sky-rocket, just as it has in many other countries where vaccination levels are 70% or higher.

As such governments, health officials and hospitals need to take massive action immediately and provide the infrastructure, resources and systems to accommodate this coming tsunami of Covid hospitalization and avert a crisis and massive collapse of our hospital system.

The solution, already known to our leaders is dedicated, pop-up Covid hospitals. It's been presented before and one has been built in Canberra. This type of facility is going to be infinity more valuable than Covid quarantine facilities for international arrivals and can be stood-up for a fraction of the price and completed before November (if started now).

The construction cost alone for the new Mickleham facility equates to more than $430,000 per bed, whereas a Pop-up Covid hospital can be delivered for less than $300,000 per bed.

More beneficially Pop-up Covid hospitals can be rapidly out-fitted into vacant Masters Home Improvement buildings or similar warehouses.

Below is a reproduction of an article published by Sanibot last year, which describes this type of facility and provides a 3D model and floor plan of the design that fits easily into small warehouses. The design is easily scaled and adapted.

I'm begging the Commonwealth and State governments to not only prepare for high infection rates towards the end of the year, but mobilise its resources to address the looming crisis. I'm also appealing to our public service and private sector leaders, all of whom can contribute to solving this problem.

Lets get on with it! 

Yours sincerely. Concerned yet hopeful.


Rod Hendricks 


Reproduced article with permission

POP-UP Covid Clinics 

Hospitals have come under immense pressure since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Significant consequences of this have been high rates of transmission to healthcare workers and a reduction of normal hospital services.

Most importantly, dedicated Covid treatment clinics will allow earlier healthcare intervention that enables faster recovery with fewer adverse effects on patients' long term health.

To solve these problems SaniBot is proposing that Covid patients be treated in dedicated facilities. To this end we've been designing Pop-Up style clinics for treating only those infected with Coronavirus.

These facilities employ best-in-class virus transmission prevention and control measures. These measures surpass anything in existing hospitals and goes above and beyond the best practices recommended by the US-CDC, E-CDC and WHO.

It includes cleanroom principles as well the SaniGuard isolation pods. These features ensure;
Faster recovery times for infected patients
The highest level of protection for healthcare workers
An unprecedented level of protection for support staff and maintenance personnel
Prevention of community transmission via air, water or waste.

High level 3D model of Pop-up Clinic

 Key Design Attributes


  • Located in suburban industrial zones in close proximity to predictable hot-spots
  • Located within the major population centers and minutes away from top-level health expertise if required by patients with complex health conditions
  • Stood-up very quickly within the walls of any vacant industrial warehouse
  • 20-30 Bed capacity
  • Approximately 20 clinics per large city like Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney
  • Capable of handling 1000 new cases per day at a hospitalisation rate of 13%
  • Multi-layer protection regime
  • Zero transmissions from infected to uninfected
  • Zero re-infections
  • Every patient is accommodated in a SaniGuard treatment/isolation pod, from the time of arrival
  • Dual level negative pressure cleanroom architecture
  • The pod is the first level and the facility is the second level
  • Ultra-high efficiency HEPA + UV-C disinection of supply & exhaust air
  • 20 Air Changes per Hours
  • Fully air conditioned and humidity controlled
  • Bio-facility level security
  • SaniGuard holds promise that it will speed up a patient recovery time, by virtue of elimination of rebreathing active virus particles
  • SaniGuard used in conjunction with drug treatments like Dexamethasone could reduce recovery times to days, rather than weeks
  • Comprehensive digital health management system
  • Regular, long term case follow-up
  • Centralised digital facilities management, with predictive preventative maintenance
  • Digital Twin integration from the outset c/w VR training & AR guided instruction for equipment operation & self-maintenance

Floor Plan