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UltraCovidSAFE Salons


222nm wavelength light (Far UVC) is HumanSAFE and extremely effective at obliterating infectious pathogen at the point and from the time it's expelled from infectious people. Thus making it the #1 solution for disinfecting occupied indoor spaces. 

It's perfect for protecting your staff and customers from viruses, bacteria and mold, including all Streptococcus, Rhinovirus, Influenza and all variants of Coronavirus. 

By automatically disinfecting indoor air and surfaces at the same time and all the time, viral loads in air and on surfaces are reduced to virtually zero and therefore reducing the risk of infection transmission. 

Much better hygiene without lifting a finger, helps improve productivity and save money through fewer sick-days off. 

More importantly customers prefer and repeatedly return to businesses that place the highest priority on their safety.