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Conforms to EC/EN 62471 Safety guidelines for exposure to 222nm.

20 Watt 222 UVC Wall Light
20 Watt 222 UVC Wall Light

20 Watt 222 UVC Wall Light

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This unit irradiates a 55m2 space and is easily mounted to any wall.

It is ideal for continuous disinfection of larger areas such as waiting room, retail stores, manufacturing facilities and hospitals.


Power rating 150 Watts
Voltage 220 VAC | Single phase | 50hz
Emitter type 222 nm Excimer 
Spectral control Quartz glass filter to ensure no leakage above 230 nm
Coverage zone 55 m2 
Disinfection time See table below
Control Motion sensor for on and off after a 15 minute exit delay
Construction Aluminium Powder-coated
Dimensions L = 563mm | W = 331mm | H= 92mm
Weight 7 kg
Emitter lifespan 3000 - 4000 operating hours  (approx. 2 yrs)



Distance from emitter Disinfection time 
250 mm 6 sec
500 mm 23 sec
1000 mm 56 sec
1500 mm 2 min
2000 mm 5 min
2500 mm 8 min

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