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Conforms to EC/EN 62471 Safety guidelines for exposure to 222nm.

20 Watt 222 UVC Cab Light

20 Watt 222 UVC Cab Light

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This unit irradiates up to 30mand is used to sanitise the air and surfaces in public transport 

It's is designed to be easily installed into the cabin cars, taxis, buses, coaches, trams, trains, ferries and light aircraft.

This is an ideal way to provide an additional layer of public protection without the need for costly and time consuming cleaning. 

The unit is easily noticed and provides visual evidence that sanitisation is taking place all continuously. Thus demonstrating first-class care for your customer's health and safety.   


Power rating 20 Watts
Voltage - Opt. 1 220 VAC | Single phase | 50hz
Voltage - Opt. 2 12/24 VDC
Emitter type 222 nm Excimer 
Spectral control Quartz glass filter to ensure no leakage above 230 nm
Coverage zone 30m2 when suspended at 2.5m above floor level
Disinfection time See table below
Control On/Off switch
Construction Aluminium Powder-coated
Dimensions L = 290mm | W = 206mm | H= 46mm
Weight 3 kg
Emitter lifespan 3000 - 4000 operating hours  (approx. 2 yrs)
Mounting methods 2 x Neodymium magnets 



Distance from emitter Disinfection time 
250 mm 2 min
500 mm 4 min
1000 mm 12 min
1500 mm 23 min
2000 mm 38 min
2500 mm 55 min


For use in large vehicles please refer to the public transport page.

For orders over 30 please email