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Conforms to EC/EN 62471 Safety guidelines for exposure to 222nm.

222 UVC Walk Through Sanitiser

222 UVC Walk Through Sanitiser

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This walk through sanitiser can sanitise you, head to toe in less than 10 seconds. 

It's the ideal solution for Covid wards. When placed at the ward's exit door it provides an extra layer of protection in prevent Coronavirus leakage. It's a robust way to deal with virus particles that may have collected on the PPE and outer garments of people while in the ward.

No chemicals. No mess. No fuss.

Safe and fast.



Power rating 1,050 Watts
Voltage 220 VAC | Single phase | 50Hz
Emitter type 222 nm Excimer 
Spectral control Quartz glass filter to ensure no leakage above 230 nm
Disinfection time 8 seconds
Control Automatically turns on when someone enters and turns off after adequate sanitation time.
Construction Mild steel powder-coated
Walk-thru size W = 1000mm  |  H = 2095mm
Dimensions L = 1212mm | W = 800mm | H= 2000mm
Weight 136 kg
Emitter lifespan 3000 - 4000 operating hours 



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